01 /01 /2001
  S 2920    E 2729
Hard to describe the emotion of our New Year's Eve. On the road to Berea, we see a little village immersed in the green, under a plateau.
The Team and the new nomads are on the same frame of mind: "Here, we will make a party for our New Millenium's night". The news of our arrival immediately spreads, as the van is surrounded by children.
We play with a ball, they plait our hair, we sing and laugh together... in harmony.
Theo and Aleko go to talk with the Village's chief. She's an old woman of the Basotho tribe. After long presentations and deep glances, she allows us to stay for the night and organize a party for the people of the village.
There is no time to loose! We open the fridge, take some spaghettis, 5 chicken, potatoes and make a big fire, with the help of the inhabitants. More and more peasants and children arrive, appearing from anywhere. There won't be enough food!
Then, Maya, Aleko and Theo go to look for an animal to sacrifice. The negociation with the shepherds is long and difficult, but with 300 Malotis (40 US$), we buy at last a beautiful and stout sheep.
It's party time in the village of Taung, and, in front of more than a hundred persons, the old chief Mojabefa Khapane thanks us and declares the unforgettable New Year's Eve celebration to be begun.

Local traditions:
- When a person of the Sotho tribe dies, she's buried on a sit position, ready to leap for the Call, face turned to the rising sun.
- The Rain Ceremony is done by the men of the village. On the top of the mountain, they kill all the animal they meet, throwing their intestines (our sheep included!) in the river. If rain doesn't come, they go to the rain sorcerer: 'Moroka-Pula'.
- About 2 million people live in Lesotho. Considered as of the poorest countries of Africa, the national income is only 600 US$ per person. Letsie III is the King of Lesotho (we will try to meet him).

"You are my best friend": the children of the village thank us like that.
The village's women: "Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!..."

To add some magic to the event, we offer the kids some fireworks. The night lights up with thousands of sparks and happy shouts.
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